Want to know which hairstyles, cuts and colors are hot right now? Then this is exactly where you need to be. Between our panel of expert stylists and scouring the red carpets, we bring you today’s freshest new looks… right here:

Check out the best examples of hairstyles 2017 by popular stylists and hair gurus. Become the first to get brand new hairstyle for coming fall and inspire everyone with your new image.

This selection of 2017 hairstyles presents you some really cool examples of medium short and medium haircuts. You may ask why stylists offer medium haircut. If you have never chopped of hair you probably don’t know all the advantages of similar haircut.

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What makes medium hairstyle so popular? The tendency of short haircuts is still strong and every year stylists offer bolder and shorter designs. Still not everyone is ready for dramatic changes. Here comes medium haircut with versatility of styling options. Like long hair medium length haircut can be transformed in numerous ways yet the maintenance is much lower. Do you like the idea of having super stylish hairstyle without spending hours on styling?

One of the most popular medium haircuts that has the best reviews and still continues to be the most frequently chosen one is bob haircut. Today classy bob hairstyle has infinite interpretations. For this fall stylists offer wide range of bob haircuts from retro style to modern and futuristic designs.

Blunt bob has come back. Poker straight bob with blunt bang or side parted has incompatible impact and you will never find any other style that will make you so attractive and elegant. The length of blunt bob will make you play with textures and adopt different styles from sleek to soft and retro waves.

If you are the lover of futuristic and mind blowing cuts go for asymmetric and layered cut bob. Here you have more options; you can go shorter and combine layers with shaved sides. Geometric cut bob like apple cut bob is next trend that was spotted on the latest fashion shows.